Constitution – Full


The natural inclination towards the Habiganj Zila Origin and their ancestors residing in the United Kingdom has inspired them to promote and develop their social and cultural and National Heritage. By such an inspiration. A Habiganj Zila Association, Hampshire. UK has been formed on the day of 1st September 2003.


Henceforth it is called the constitution The Association and its name:

(i) The Association shall be known as The Habiganj Zila Association,  Hampshire.UK. (Hereinafter called the Association)
(ii) The Association shall be a voluntary non-political and charitable Organisation.
(iii) The office of the Association shall be situated in the United Kingdom. The address shall be decided temporary or permanent by the executive council.


Aims and objectives:
The Aims and Objectives of the Association shall be:

(i) To render utmost help and work for the benefit of the general member   and particularly those who hail from the district of Habiganj, Bangladesh.
(ii) To work towards reliving condition of poverty, provide practical help  through personal or recognized agency, in housing, employment, and  Immigration etc,
(iii) Acquire further knowledge through government training scheme or  education training and other services or otherwise to influence  appropriate authorities for further development in various fields.
(iv) To promote, social, cultural, religious, and national activities and act  upon when  necessary.
(v) To co-operate with other organizations and Institutions for the benefit of  Habiganj Zila Association’s members in the United Kingdom or in  Bangladesh.
(vi) To create a healthy and friendly atmosphere with other members of the  community and other general members of the public.


The Funds: The funds of the Association shall be raised by:

(i) Membership subscriptions this shall be ascertained by the Annual  General Meeting.
(ii) Donations cash or in kinds.
(iii) It holds its own fund raising activities.
(iv) Grants from local or national authorities or any other organizations &  other sources.


There shall be two kinds of memberships:

1. One bona-fide membership.
(1) Bona-fide membership shall be open to any person who hail from or a  native of Habiganj. (Bangladesh) at the age of 18 years all bona-fide  members shall have the voting rights.

2. Two associate membership.
(2) The Associate members shall be open to any nationals, who will uphold  the interests, aims and objectives of the Association, but shall have no  voting rights.



The terms of the office shall be for 12 (twelve) months from the date of formation of committee. Due to the gravity of agenda ‘5’ it was reiterated by the members of AGM to put forward as this was immediately omitted from the agenda list. It was unanimously  agreed to bring this as an item to discuss the matter e.g. Any member wish to apply for presidentship or any office bearer of Habiganj Zila Association. He or she must put forward the whole panel. This was accepted at the AGM.



(i) Membership fees shall be decided and fixed for the period of one year  at the AGM.
(ii) All applications must be submitted with appropriate fees and on official  forms.
(iii)  Memberships are open to all qualified persons (bona-fide or associates)  throughout the year, with exception of a period 14 days prior to election  or selection.
(v) Memberships are renewable on its due course.
(vi) Nomination fees must be submitted with application and on time fixed  by the AGM.
(vii) Members may withdraw their nomination application at any time within  the set period but their fees are not refundable.
(viii) Members may withdraw their memberships at any time provided that a  written notice is given to the secretary.
(ix) Every member will be entitled to put forward their views and opinions to  Chairperson or Secretary in writing.
(x) The council shall be empowered to supervise delegate or direct all  activities of  the association in conformity and fulfilment of its aims and objectives.
(xi) The council shall be responsible for its development. The council shall  have the full authority with consent from its general members, to buy or  sell in order to further the development of the Association.
(xii) The council will arrange AGM within one month and within its  constitutional year.
(xiii) For any unusual or unforeseen circumstances the council may defer the  AGM for one calendar month, provided that the majority committee is in  agreement with this proposal/s and properly recorded.
(xiv) Election will be held on the following month.
(xv) Any amendments to the constitution must be put forward in writing.
(xvi) Membership shall be open to all Bangladeshi at the age of 18 years or  over and abide by the rules and regulations of the Association.
(xvii) The executive councillors shall be empowered to delegate a task to any  Bangladeshi under the age of 18 years.
(xviii) Any Bangladeshi originated from Habiganj Division (native) are  encouraged to become a member of the Association, under the age of  18 years old, but they will not have the voting rights, until they reach  eighteen years of age on or before the day of election.


The Executive Councillors/ Committee:

The Governing Body of the Association shall be ‘The Executive Council’ (Hereinafter Called the Council) the Council shall consist of:

Offlce Bearers:

Executive Councilors …………………………………16
General Secretary…………………………………………1
Assistant Secretary……………………………………….1
Assistant Treasurer………………………………………1
Cultural Welfare & Education Secretary………1
Organising & Sports Secretary…………………….1
Women Affairs Secretary……………………………..1
Advisory Committee Members / Election
Commissioners with one Chair person………..5

Office Bearers:

The Chairperson shall be the chief spokesman of the Association. He or she will be conversant with the affairs of the Association, and shall promote Habiganj Zila Association for the benefit of its members and their interests.

(1) He/She shall represent the association.
(2) He/She shall be responsible for day to day running of the Habiganj Zila  Association.
(3) He/She shall look after the welfare of the members to the best of his/her  ability.
(4) He/she shall sign and countersign all cheques, documents, deeds, jointly  with secretary, treasurer or any other nominated person/s of Habiganj  Zila Association.
(5) He/she shall be entitled to exercise the casting vote only in the event of a  Tie.


(1) The Vice-Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson in the performance of  His/her duties.
(2) Vice-Chairperson any one of three will act in absence of Chairperson.

General Secretary:

(1) The General Secretary shall be the executive officer in charge of the  Association.
(2) He/she shall keep records of minutes, correspondence, and keep accurate  Records of accounts.
(3) He/she shall issue notices of meetings and general meetings, and minutes  of all proceedings, maintain a register of all members with their addresses.
(4) He/she shall keep accurate records of all expenditures.
(5) He/she shall supervise the work and duties of all other officers of the  association and shall report as appropriate to the council’s meeting.
(6) He/she with assistance of all other officers shall arrange meetings compile  reports and submit to all meetings.
(7) He/she will represent the Association when necessary.
(8) He/she shall sign all cheques, documents, deeds etc, in conjunction with  the Chairperson and Treasurer.


(1) The. Treasurer shall in conjunction with Chairperson and Secretary collect  all monies due to the Association.
(2) He/she shall keep records of all minutes, correspondence, and keep  accurate records of minutes.
(3) He/she shall issue cheques and authorize expenditures and in conjunction  with Chairperson, Secretary or both as the case maybe.
(4) He/she keep accurate records of expenditures accounts for the association.
(5) He/she shall keep records of all income and shall produce regular financial  statements, bank statements, or when councillors request them.
(6) He/she shall deposit all monies, funds as soon as possible to the  nominated bank or Association’s bank.
(7) He/she produce financial report to all the councillors meetings.
(8) He/she should be an owner of a leasehold or freehold property.

Assistant Secretary:

(1) He/she shall assist General Secretary with all execution of his/her duties.
(2) He/she shall deputies the General Secretary in his/her absence.
(3) He/she shall execute all detailed tasks and duties.

Assistant Treasurer:

(1) The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer in the performance of  duties and execute all the responsibilities especially detailed to him or  her.
(2) He/she shall deputies in absence of the Treasurer.
(3) He/she should be an owner of a leasehold or freehold property.

Sport Secretary:

(1) He/she organize all sports activities on behalf of the association.
(2) He/she must promote the association to all other organizations and  promote Its activities to wider general members.
(3) He/she must improve the quality of physical training programme to  general Members ofHabiganj Zila Association.

Organizing Secretary:

(1) The organizing secretary shall be responsible for developing and creating  a friendly and healthy atmosphere among the general members of the  Association.
(2) He/she shall keep in touch with all other organization and general  members of The Association. And promote our mutual interests.


Advisory Committee or Councillors:

(i) Advisory Committee or Councillors shall be the directive body of the  Association.
(ii) The Advisory Committee or Councilors shall be elected or selected by  the general members of the Association.
(iii) The committee shall consist of (5) members one of which will be a  Chairperson and 4 members the chairperson will be selected amongst  the so called committee (hereafter called Advisory Committee or  Council).
(iv) The Advisory Committee or council shall arbitrate in the event of dispute  between member/s of the Association or executive committee or council.
(v) The Advisory Committee or Council shall advice the committee for the  betterment of the association.
(vi) The Advisory body shall be empowered to call any meeting/s of the  Association. For any reason/s the Chair General Secretary or any other  officer/s or member/s are indifference at anytime during their term in  office, or when it is absolutely necessary, which shall be decided amongst  themselves, to call such a meeting/s shall require at least majority of  bona- fide members duly signed and approved to convene.

Advisory councilors Or Election Commission or Selection Committee:

1. Advisory Councillors shall be elected or selected from the AGM  they are the body with special power and they are empowered to  conduct a fair election or selection for the greater interest of The  Habiganj Zila Association.
2. Advisory Councillors are the body who shall arbitrate if there is a  need.
3. Advisory councillors shall meet whenever necessary.
4. The council may fulfil a vacant position post/s from the bona-fide  general members of the Association with agreement from at least  the majority of its council members.
5. Advisory Councillors shall have no voting rights.


Executive Councillors:

(1) All Councillors shall attend meetings regularly, failure to attend  three (3) consecutive meetings shall result his/her membership as  councillor being cancelled. But if there is a reasonable cause  being shown to the executive council, then, councillor could  consider the matter  and decide. In any case he or she remain as  an ordinary member of the Association.
(2) The Council shall decide by majority of votes, on all matters  brought to the council for their consideration.
(3) The advisory body will listen to any comments opinions and views  from the general members of the Association. Any member/s  wishes to propose an idea/s or opinion for the advancement of the  Association it must be put in writing to the executive council’s  meeting for further consideration.

Executive Councillor’s Meetings:

(1) In the case of Executives Council Meeting/s shall require 7 clear  days written notice to be given to all bona-fide members and  Associates. But for Emergency Meeting/s there shall be no  specified period fixed for this purpose.
(2) In all General Meetings minimum of (4) four weeks written notice  shall be required.


(4) Annual General Meeting shall be held on an agreed day and  time decided by the Executive Council.
(5) There shall be at least (6) six executive meetings per year. The  committee Shall hold meetings time to time or as necessary.
(6) There shall be office bearers meeting frequently.

Minutes and Minutes Book:

There shall be minutes book kept by the officer secretary the secretary shall enter therein a record of proceedings and enter all resolutions.



(1) The Quorum for the Executive Council Meeting shall be in  presence of One third 1 /3rd of the total council members. For  the General Meting/s the quorum shall be a simple majority   provided a notice has been sent to all bona-fide general  members and associates. Any subsequent meeting/s for the  same purpose will be effective irrespective of quorum.
(2) For the Annual General Meeting where a notice has been sent  and records of posting being obtained the QUORUM is  inapplicable.



(1) Bank account shall be open in the name of the Association at an  agreed and nominated bank decided by the executive council. It  shall be operated by the Treasurer, General Secretary and  Chairperson jointly or by their nominated assistants.
(2) The Executive Council must take resolution and mandate if there  shall be any changes in the arrangement.


Selection or election and Voting:

(1)    First choice to select the Executive Council, if it is not possible then, the  Election Commission shall be responsible to hold an election by secret  ballot. Only bona- fide members are allowed to cast their votes in the  election.
(2)    Election details shall be circulated at after the date has been fixed at the  AGM or by the Advisory council or Election Commission. At least (4) four  week before the election.
(3)    No proxy will be permitted. (Only on exceptional circumstances, (e.g.  Doctor’s order, disabilities, or in hospital.) These causes must be  substantiated by certificates, it is only then the commission could  consider the matter and may allow to vote. (The Commission must be  notified prior to election.)
(4)    The General Election of office bearers and Executive Members will be  held as agreed by the AGM. Advisory Council or Election Commission  shall carry out the process.
(5)    Should it not be possible to hold The Election in due course and time,  then, the council may extend for up to (4) four weeks provided such a  decision is taken by the majority of members. All bona-fide members  must be informed in writing of the forth-coming election.
(6)    In the event of a resignation/s of a member/s within the executive  Council, the committee shall select or elect as the case maybe from the  general member/s for the remaining term of the office.
(7)    In case of absence, death, or resignation one or more member/s of the  Advisory council, or election Commission, then, the previous members of  the committee(who are not in the office at the time) shall elect or select  one or more member/s to fulfil the post/s to serve the purpose.
(8)    If the whole committee intends to resign whether it is executive Council or Advisory council or election commission, then, they must  resign to the Welfare officer of the Bangladesh High Commission in the  United Kingdom. They must lodge all relevant papers and documents  etc, to the officer/s of the High Commission.


Election Commission:

(i)     The Election Commissioners shall follow the rules and law of the land of  United Kingdom. The Election Commission shall invite an independent  observer/s for the duration of the election if it is deemed necessary.
(ii)     The Commission shall invite all the post/s of the office bearers and  executives  and circulate and display on the notice board within the Association.
(iii)     All nomination papers shall be proposed and seconded by the bona fide member/s of the Association. The nomination papers or  application/s must be submitted with appropriate fees at the time of  application.
(iv)     The Election Commission shall consist of 5 five members one will be  the Chairperson (Chairperson shall be selected or elected among the  five commissioners). At the AGM/GM
(v)     The Election Commission shall take charge of the office from the date  of AGM.
(vi)     The Election Commission shall be fully responsible for holding a fair  election.
(vii)     The Commission shall hand over the office to the newly elected  body/committee within one week of its declaration.
(viii)     For any reason/s whatsoever, the commission or commissioner/s panel  member/s or an individual person cannot be sued by any panel/s or  party or parties or indeed by any person or persons of the said  Habiganj Zila Association.  If at all shall be indemnified by the  Association.



(i)  Interpretation of the constitution Act, 1978. Shall apply as it applies to  the interpretation of an Act of parliament.


(i)  If during the life time of this Association an opportunity arises to offer  an Honorarium to its executive committee member/s or any other  member/s then, it  shall seriously consider the matter, and resolutions  taken by the executive council.



The Executive Committee shall be empowered to terminate membership/s for any of the following ground/s provided that the individual member is:
i. Convicted by a court for criminal offence
ii. Found to be un-sounded mind and not capable of follow proceedings of  the meetings.
iii. Defaulting to pay the annual subscriptions on due date and time, having  being notified by notice/s. iv. Found to be an activist and against the state, or The Association.


(i) Member/s of the committee shall cease to hold office if he or she is  disqualified  from acting as a member of committee by virtue of section 72 of charities  Act 1993 (or any statutory re-enactment or modification of those  provisions.)
(ii) Becomes incapable by reason of mental disorder or injury of managing  and administrating his or her own affairs.


Special Terms and conditions:

The Chairperson, General Secretary, Treasurer and honorary officers of the council/committee shall hold office for a term of one year, and shall be eligible for re-election for a second term. But in any case Chairperson, General Secretary and Treasurer shall not hold office for more than, 2 two consecutive terms of the same post. At least one year (one term) must elapse, on expiration of such a period any former officer/s shall be eligible for re-election.



(1)  Any member/s is proved to have made or conducted an act against the  interest of the Association or any flagrant remark/s or breach of conduct  or prejudicial to the  Habiganj Zila Association, shall result disqualification  from the membership. But an opportunity will be given to be heard by the  executive committee, before a final decision is made.



The procedure for amendments to the constitution is as follows:
(i) Preamble
(ii) Habiganj Origin
(iii) By virtue of Bengali mother tongue
(iv) Live in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland
(v) Term of office from the date of election until the next Annual General  Meeting



The above rigid items maybe amended by referendum only, conducted by an Advisory Council or Election Commission and with independent observer/s.


Stage: One:-  At least 3/4 of the Executive Members of the Council should   propose for Any amendments to the constitution.

Stage: Two:-  Recommended by the full Advisory council.

Stage: Three:-  The proposed amendments with the existing theme of the   constitution Should be informed by the Chairperson to each   and every bona-fide Members, in black and white for their  written consent. At least a simple Majority should be   achieved. This must be ratified at the General Meeting.


Revised Constitution 2015.

1. Executive committee shall be 16
2.  Office bearers shall be total of 9
3.  There shall be Advisory councillors 5 with 1 chairman
4. The term of office shall be for 12 twelve months from the date formation  of committee.
5. All membership shall be closed on 31st January of that year until the  formation of a new committee. There shall be no new membership  entertained for this  period only, otherwise membership open to all  eligible persons throughout the year.
6. AGM shall take place within 15th April of that year. The commissioners  will take charge on AGM.
7. Commissioners shall hand over the office to the new committee at the  end of April. With exceptional Emergency clause: for extension only for  7 days, with written application to the commissioners.
8. Membership shall be open to all inhabitants of Habiganj regardless of  age gender or sexual orientation.
9. Eligibility for membership and voting must be at the age of 16 years of  age or over on the day of election or selection.
10. Any member/s wish contest in the election of Habiganj Zila Association  must full fill the qualifying period of 12 complete months prior to the  election or selection process.
11. Chairperson, Secretary must have a quality of communication skills and  at least basic knowledge of spoken English language.
12. Election or Selection will be with due process.
13. Advisory councillors will automatically become election commissioners.  Their duty will end once they have hand over office to the new  committee.
14. The new committee will then select an advisory council
15. Any executive or office bearers do not attend 3 consecutive committee  meetings  without real cause or apologies the committee may decide to replace a  member/s after giving written notification.

Aims and Objectives:
(I)  same
(ii) after Immigration, Education promoting learning language skills which  will in hence integration for further development of the wider community.
(iii) same
(iv) same
(v) same
(vi) same

The Habiganj Zila Association shall render utmost help to look after the interest of it’s members and shall provide facilities for education seek assistance from the local Government office or any other organizations to further education, relief of poverty, and recreational and leisure time occupations to improve social interest of the community.


Gen Secretary:
Asst Secretary:
Assistant Treasurer:
Cultural Welfare & Education Secretary:
Women Affaires Secretary:
Organizing & sports Secretary.


Any flagrant breach or conduct prejudicial to the interest or cause of the Habiganj Zila Association shall result member/s found to flout the constitution of the Association or break the discipline, work against its objectives or the district of Habiganj maybe expelled by the committee, which shall be final.

This constitution has been authorized by: